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Extensive enrichment opportunities are offered across the four (4) departments that make up SHABACH!  Christian Academy.  Recognizing that the wider the range of the experience that a child has, the greater is the capacity of the young learner to acquire new content. In addition to an emphasis on the Arts and STEM Aviation, our enrichment program has included: Dance, Drama, Golf, Tennis, HW Club, Beginning Band, Keyboarding, Gymnastics, and Robotics. Our Enrichment Club catalog is updated each year.

Summer Program

This program is designed to provide a summer full of enriching activities and fun. We strive to develop your student academically, spiritually, physically and socially. We provide specific time for students to be enriched academically through the use of academic games. We use various types of materials, songs, and skits to teach students positive biblical character traits. We create and model positive situations where students can learn the proper social interactions and problem solving skills. We also encourage social interaction through providing exciting field trips such as skating, bowling, museums, parks, swimming and more. We encourage a lot of physical activity time by organizing plenty of outside game play, playground time and indoor games when necessary.

Parents As Partners

Parent Academy has been designed to provide training on child development for parents. The underlying belief behind Parent Academy is that when the connections between Church, Home and School are strong, children thrive. We believe that by helping parents develop both an understanding of critical school content/processes and effective parenting skills that the partnership between home and school is strengthened and student success is assured.  Parent Academy Sessions are scheduled monthly throughout the school year and have been structured to resemble the structure of Family Academy. The notable difference between Parent Academy and Family Academy is that Parent Academy is scheduled on Saturdays and is longer in length.



Varied technologies are utilized daily throughout SHABACH! Christian Academy. In addition, the technologies used in instruction in our kindergarten through 8th grade classrooms include Epson tools, laptops, and a host of software applications in rooms that have been rewired for sound with the appropriate projection et cetera. Our STEM Aviation program is built around the integration of flight simulators which are used daily in our Kindergarten through 8th grade program. Our technology goal is to teach children to understand that analyzing work and determining the appropriate tool that would be the best to successfully complete the work is an essential set of skills.

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