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This program enhances student learning by providing a STEM curriculum that utilizes concepts found within the field of aviation.

What are the benefits to having a program built with a STEM curriculum?

A STEM curriculum opens the doors to more meaningful connections to the students’ lives and an abundance of career opportunities in our increasingly technology-based society.

What are some of the benefits to using aviation?

The use of aviation as an avenue to give students an additional opportunity to apply critical thinking skills which is beneficial in all subject matter.

What is the desirable outcome for this aviation program?

By generating engagement in aviation, students can value studying their academics and understanding they need a quality education to get into careers like aviation.

In what areas will the aviation program engage the students?

The aviation program will use four components to create an impactful experience for our students.  These four components are classroom instruction, field studies, flight simulation, and career experts.

What will the program cover  during classroom instruction and what measures will be used?

Students will have STEM Exposure using the NEXT Generation Science Standards and National Science Education Standards (NSES).  Students will also use the Scientific Method during their aviation sciences and other Hands-On Investigations.

What are the flight simulators used for?

The flight simulations tie in and relate content material and makes subject matter meaningful and relevant.  In addition students will learn the Flight “X” program.

What field studies will the students be involved in?

  • Lockheed Martin Flight Service

  • NASA’s Goddard Space Flight Center

  • Steven F. Udvar-Hazy Center

  • Smithsonian National Air and Space Museum

  • Andrews Air Force Base

  • College Park Aviation Museum

What are some of the career experts that the students will be exposed to?

  • NASA Scientist                                                     

  • Meteorologist

  • Air Traffic Controller

  • Pilot

  • Aerospace

  • Engineer

                                   Arthur Johnson graduated                                             from the United States Naval                                           Academy with a Bachelor of                                             Science degree in International                                       Security Affairs.  After earning                                         his naval aviator Wings of Gold,                                       he went on to serve a total of 33                                     years in the US Navy in various locations around the world.  After leading and commanding at every levels of Naval Aviation, he completed a four-year assignment as Navy Safety Chief and Commander, Naval Safety Center.  While there, he orchestrated a fundamental shift in the Navy’s safety culture and set new safety achievement records, including the safest year in Naval Aviation’s 100-year history.

His postgraduate education includes master’s degrees in Public Administration from Harvard’s Kennedy School of Government and in National Strategic Studies from the National War College. 

He is also a Massachusetts Institute of Technology Seminar XXI fellow.   Johnson retired from the Navy in 2012 as a Rear Admiral.

As founder and CEO of Destiny Aviation Services LLC., he now seeks to broaden the nation’s pool of aviation professionals through various aviation and education initiatives.  Overseeing middle school and elementary school STEM–Aviation programs and numerous aviation summer camps in New England and the Mid-Atlantic regions, Johnson influences and mentors hundreds of young people each year, while introducing them to the thrill of aviation and STEM career opportunities.  He has logged more that 5000 flight hours flying military and general aviation aircraft.


Johnson is passionate about youth development and aviation workforce expansion.  He is Chairman, Elizabeth City State University Aviation Program Board of Advisors, on the Board of Directors for the Field of Firsts Foundation, (College Park, MD) and a Founding Board Member of Leadership LINKS, Inc.


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